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Intuitive and requiring no IT expertise, EklOr® (By ABC) software is the result of many years of experience in multiple fields

This software, developed under LabVIEW® and LabWindows/CVI® from National Instruments©, allows the control and the supervision of tests, the acquisition (DAQ) and the data processing. Developed and made reliable by our teams, interfaces and functionalities are ergonomic and user-friendly.

It provides access to a wide range of possibilities, from exporting data to integrating complex measurement systems. Developed to offer great flexibility for our customers, the EklOr software is designed to facilitate its evolution.

Data acquisition in your hands

Quick introduction to the EklOr (By ABC) software

Easy hardware settings

  • Intuitive handling
  • No programming skills necessary
  • Integrated data management tools
  • Powerful metrology tool

Integrated data acquisition system

  • Wide range of hardware products
  • Integration of many functional tools facilitating operations
  • Scripts for functional improvement or automation of actions
Flexible data
  • Lots of data visualization possibilities
  • Live processing of all data
  • Data monitoring and event logs

Intuitive data analysis tool

  • Wide data management
  • Powerful post-processing analytics
  • Data viewer for post-processing
  • Automated reporting to Microsoft Office® templates
  • Data format compatible with many systems
  • Easy-to-use data cleaning tools
  • Possibility of remote technical assistance


The differents modules of the EklOr (By ABC) software
Controle and supervize all your data in the EklOr (By ABC) software
Easily configure and manage your signals in the EklOr (By ABC) software
Manage your tests campaigns thanks to our libraries in the EklOr (By ABC) software
Customize your interfaces according to your needs in the EklOr (By ABC) software