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To support you in configuration, operating and adapting projects to your needs, we offer a large range of services:


To assist you punctually, we can travel to your plant (in France) or remotely (by video conference or audio conference).

These services may include (non-exhaustive list):

  • Installation assistance
  • Setting assistance
  • Project creation assistance
  • Resolution of specific problems

Any need for assistance can be investigated.


We are able to adapt our training with the flexibility and modularity that suits you.

Several training topics exist to address the various aspects or features of the EklOr software.

Our training allows us to meet the most frequently encountered needs, but they can be adapted according to the expectations of your employees.

Our training courses are open to all.

We compensate for the disability in training by providing individualized and adapted responses, in order to make the provision of training “accessible” to people in difficulty.

Specific developments
on request

The EklOr software integrates a wide variety of basic features to surely cover the scope of your project management.

However, specific needs can be identified, to go even beyond this scope, and make it possible to complete the features of EklOr software.

In this context, a system of plugins can be implemented.

These additional plugins can be developed to extend the feature for specific needs.


EklOr offers free community support, through the site’s forum, without guarantee:

  • Response availability not guaranteed.
  • Response time not guaranteed.
  • Support only provided in English (requests and responses).

In order to guarantee a better level of support, we can offer you a professional support service, with commitment.